What We Offer
Ostlund Services

Servicing Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.



Plumbing Services

From replacing underground pipes to fixing a leaky sink, our team will make sure your plumbing needs are met quickly and efficiently.


Hot Water Heater Services

Commercial or residential our 24/7 emergency service will make sure that you’re not without hot water for long.


Electrical Services

Our attentive team of electricians will discover, diagnose, and resolve any electrical issue, because you should never have to be without power.


Epoxy Grout and Tile

Have healthier and cleaner floors by replacing old and deteriorated grout with our long-lasting epoxy grout. Not only will you have new grout for years to come, but you will also be protecting tiles from lifting by keeping grease and food particles out. 


Building and Construction Services

Keeping your building up to date with quality renovations, we make sure the job is finished just how you would like it.


Interior Wall Rebuilding

Has your wall deteriorated due to water damage? At Ostlund, we make calculated efforts to ensure a quality repair and prevent it from happening again with waterproofing.


Mop Sink Replacement

Is your mop sink leaking or holding stagnant water? We make it easy to keep a clean mop sink with our waterproofing and stainless-steel walls.


Parking Lot Repair Services

Add years of life to your parking lot with our custom repair service. Peace of mind is yours as Ostlund knowing the product being used is even approved for airport runways.


Sidewalks and Curbs

With our concrete sidewalk and curb services, we can remove and replace concrete sidewalks in uneven and unsafe areas.


Catch Basin and Aprons

Ensure your parking lot is draining properly with a catch basin rebuild!


Dumpster Corrals

Repairing a dumpster corral, or simply need a new one? We have you covered with a team that promises time and money efficient methods.



Making sure your appliances are always functioning is very important. Keep your heating and cooling running with Ostlund.


Grease Trap Replacement

For a functional and efficient kitchen, grease traps are an important element for any restaurant. Learn more about how we can service your grease trap needs. 


Cast Iron Plumbing Replacement

Most cast iron pipes are reaching the end of their lifespan. Whether it is roots or rust ruining the pipes, Ostlund has you covered!


Hydro Jetting

Grease clogging up your restaurant’s pipes? We will drain, clean, and inspect your lines using our state-of-the-art Hotsy® hydro jet and sewer cam. Bypass large repairs and inconvenient closures with Ostlund’s hydro jetting services.

Our Process
Bundling Our Services

Saving our customers time and money by bundling or prescheduling their maintance services.


Reach Out

Give us a call and let us know what services are needed and how we can help.


Create a Package

We will work with you to create a package that addresses your needs.


Save Time and Money

By combining multiple services we will save you time, money and stress!